Monday, March 30, 2015

30 Mar 2015 "Amish Country"

Hey Ya'll!
    This week has been a blast.  Trying to get going with my New companion.  His name is Elder Levitz.   He is from California and likes all the same things I do. He has been on a trial Mission for 3 months, before I got him as a Companion. He is 21 years old. His Family Moved to Hurricane Utah when he entered the MTC. Well, other than that the week was pretty normal. We went to the Castle again!
    Oh ya, Amish Country. Got some good pics.  All is well in Missouri.

       We moved a theater this week.  It's incredible how much theaters have. Lots of stuff.  It was a blast, though, and we got fed pizza buffet! I'd say it was a good day!!


Elder Caldwell
Elder Levitz in Amish Country.

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