Monday, October 19, 2015

19 Oct 2015 "love the Lord and serve him the very best you can."

   This week has been pretty crazy from zone training to Transfer calls. I will be finishing my last transfer in the Ava area. I am kinda sad that it is coming to a close so fast. I realized that I am one of the oldest in the Mission and it gets sad. 

     I love My Mission and I understand that there is a time and a season to all things under the heavens and this is my time to serve, to love, and to work hard up to the end. I have been severely blessed to be on a Mission. 

    I have met some incredible people that I never would have met or ever associated with before my Mission. I have learned more about who I am and who I can become. 

    There has been some confusion as to what my address is so here it is again:
             Route 6 Box 6470 apt 15:
             Ava, Mo 65608 
     I love you all, wish I had more time to write but all I can say is love the Lord and serve him the very best you can. Your life will be much happier and you will find yourself more focused and having more time to do the things you love. 

                        Elder Caldwell 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

12 October "I will not trunk out...Never"

  Hey ya'll
       It has been a crazy week,   We found 18 new potential investigators and taught 22 lessons which is the most I have done in Ava the whole time I have been here. Transfer calls are this weekend, so we will see what happens.  I will write bout it next Monday.
    We have been doing a lot of finding and had a few people yell out of a few car windows at us. I hope that everyone knows how much I care about them and how much I love my mission. The Last couple weeks training has been really great. My greenie told me he was so glad that i have not trunked out. I thought I was getting trunkie but I will not trunk out...Never.
     I hope ya'll have a great week.  This week has been so miracle filled.  I have had the opportunity to plan and find out why we planned to tract that street.  After we tracted it, I knew why we were there. We met a man that slipped through the cracks 30 years ago and we were able to come in contact with him. This man invited us in and we talked for a little while.  We will be going back there this week!
                                   Elder Caldwell

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

5 Oct 2015 "Hey ya'll"

       I don't know what to say in the few minutes I have left.  Time goes too fast, the miracles still happen, and the word is still true. I have felt the spirit so strongly this week as I have been able to watch General Conference and as I have truly felt the spirit testify of the truth spoken of. 

       I am not perfect but I do know that through righteous desires focused on acting, we can become perfect in all things. The Lord does not give commandments that cannot be reached. I am far from perfect but as I strive everyday I feel just a little more perfect in one way. I know that Jesus Christ has already suffered for my sins and my afflictions and I know that he wants me to be the best that I can be now and forever. 

     We are the Children of God and no child wants to disappoint a righteous Father. At least I know that I don't. The miracle of Repentance and the Atonement is so powerful. I know if the Atonement can strengthen me and wash me clean, then it can you too. 

     My life right now is engulfed in gospel acting. I am so privileged to not have a care in the world, I don't worry about the end.   I embrace the journey I am on. I have no reason to worry about the price of gas in Asia and even less to worry about the Pope coming to America. I worry about the people I love getting attacked by the adversary. I worry more now about the spiritual development of myself and others. Missions are incredible experiences that I can't put into words. All I can say is that I am here to serve and I know all that I have talked about here because of my serving a Mission.

           Elder Caldwell