Monday, April 6, 2015

06 April 2015 "Well, for those who think Mission Life is Crazy,yet fun...I got some Pictures for you at the end of this Email."

Hey Ya'll!
           The folks 'round here don't speak the same language as the Arkansas people.  Some laugh at some of the things I picked up from there. We all know it's good in the Neighborhood. Elder Levitz and I had a fantastic April Fools day.  First off, we have what we call the Unifan and just some other great pictures taken during lunch time!  Yes, the Unifan is self explanatory haha!!!
           We had Zone Conference and I got to see Elder N who replaced me in Nixa with Elder M.  J C is getting real close to going to the Temple. She was given less than a year to live when she got baptised. Now her white blood cell count is up and she does not even need to wear the mask anymore.
         I saw Sister M, too.  She came out with me.   It is really odd to think that the sisters that came out with me are going home at the end of this transfer!!! I am becoming an old Missionary but I am still moving forward not trunkie enough not to serve!! Never Trunkie enough to not serve.
         Missions are incredible experiences. I would not give up this work for the best vacation.  I have learned so much as I have seen when I get out and do work I don't get sad.  I don't slow down.  When I become lazy is when the Mission life gets really hard.  We Must learn to love all aspects of life and just put others above ourselves. We must reach out.  We must stand out. We must help out.  I love being in a capacity to serve and not have to worry about much else.  God loves us all and he wants us to succeed.  We are the only hold up! ya'll got to check out this movie on this website! I never thought I would hashtag anything seriously, but hey Missions change you.  #BecauseHeLives


                           Elder Caldwell

P.S. Sorry guys I forgot about the all you can eat Ribs at RibCrib!!! 12 ribs later a piece!!!

Me and Elder Levitz

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