Monday, November 30, 2015

30 Nov 2015 "Wow! it does not slow down. It does not give up. It just keeps going and I'm never giving up."

 Hey ya'll 

        This week has been pretty crazy.  My emotions going wack as I prepare myself for the life ahead. I don't know how I made 2 years disappear but it must have been an amazing magic act. I know life kicks and bucks just like a rodeo bull. I know it is not easy but we better get the best out of our 8 second ride. This life is thrilling.  It does not stop. 

         I have one pair of pants worth saving and I will be wearing it home. I split my pants last night in the most amazing way. We had traveled 3 miles down a dirt road on our way back to town. We came to a Low water crossing that had washed out a trench around the concrete. we had to build a ramp for the truck to go up so we could get home. As I bent down to grab the first rock my pants ripped from the zipper to the belt loop - all I had left to do was laugh and enjoy the experience. I went my whole mission without splitting pants until the last week. 

        On your Mission you will experience the greatest trenches the biggest pit-falls. You will also see the most Miracles.  If you are willing to put knowledge to work, you will find yourself able to get across the ditches, the chasms, and the cliffs. The Lord provides a way when we just smile and keep working great things happen. 

      The Lord is aware of all your struggles and I know that he is pulling for you.  Don't ever give up in life, whether it is a Mission, The Military, School, or in your profession. I won't give up..will you?  It is now time for me to continue in the things that I have learned here in the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission and the Arkansas Bentonville Mission. I will come back a Man when I left a boy. I have learned so much and I am so very grateful for all ya'll who have been praying for me and supporting me on this journey of life. 

                        Elder Caldwell 

Sorry there is more..
 My companion wound up in the Hospital on Thanksgiving due to a wonderful plant called Poison Oak. I, in the meantime, was in Houston on exchange with Elder Hedges,  We ate dinner on paper plates in the Houston apartment. It was kinda nice to have it small. Elder Hedges taught me a lot. I love that man and a lot of you will see his amazing artwork.   He is one silly Elder. This Zone is my Favorite, it is a good one to be my last.  I will miss all the zone members for sure. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

23 Nov 2015 "Week of Adversity"

The title is a little rough. I thought about this and all I was going to talk about in this email was the sicknesses and discomforts that this week has been. From losing investigators to being laid up for a couple days hacking and gagging. 

However, now I see, after emailing my Family, how blessed I have been throughout this whole process. I have been feeling down but there are worse things out there and I know that I can be nothing but Thankful for everything that has gone on this week. 

I know that God Loves me and watches me

Elder Caldwell

Friday, November 20, 2015

16 Nov 2015 "hey y'all"

    It has been such a fast week. I believe that Missions are like funnels, the closer you get to the bottom- the faster it goes. I have been so privileged to be here at this time.   Teaching the people I have been able towns having  a companion who understands it. I am down to 18 days which means I only have 2 more emails to send home. I am amazed at how 2 years has just been a drop in the bucket. I am so happy.  II don't want to leave here but I do know that "there is a time and a place for everything under the heavens!" Ecc 3:1. Now my time is come.  The change is happening.  I will fight to the end and we will go from there. I know that I was called to serve 24 months and I plan on serving the last one with as much fire as the first one. 
       I am here to help people in their journey just as others have helped me in my Journey. I am here because of a handfull of people. Hopefully I can be in multiple peoples hands  through out my life. I want to be one to inspire uplift and bring closer to Christ always. I am no perfect man nor am I close but I will work to become perfect every day. I hope ya'll know how much I love and respect you. 

                        Elder Caldwell


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

09 Nov 2015 "This will be short"

Sorry this will be real fast. The computer is about to shut down. I love you and I am so glad that ya'll have been reading this blog. I dont have many weeks left but I do have enough to be busy.
Got to go. 
Elder Caldwell 

Monday, November 2, 2015

2 November 2015 The time is winding down

This is Jenni, Zach's mom actually writing this.  Zach has been very faithful in writing home each and every week while out on his mission.  This week, he didn't sent a "Group Email" as his computer time ran out.  He has one hour at the Ava Library to get all his communications out and this week he fell short.  In the email that he sent me personally this week, he states that he is "excited to give his homecoming speech.  He already has quite a few ideas."  He said that he is excited to meet his 20 month old nephew, James and his soon to be new brother-in-law, Andy.  He loves the work in Ava.  He knows that it is a perfect place for him to end his mission.
Thanks to all of you for following Zach on this adventure over the past four years.  No, he hasn't been a missionary for four years, but he prepped pretty darn hard for two years, and then he was unleashed into the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission that later became the Bentonville Arkansas Mission.
He will be reporting on his mission on Sunday, December 13th at 1 PM.  You are all invited to come and hear his testimony and experiences he has had while serving as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints.
Any questions, just let me know.
32 Days and counting!


26 October 2015 "I am only a wrench..."

 I have limited time and I dont know what happened to this hour but the warning has popped up..only 5 minutes left. 
       I can't deny that I am only a wrench to work on the car. The Car is the world.  The wrench is me. The one who controls the wrench is God!! I am here as a 10mm wrench because that is what the Lord needs in this specific area, on this specific bolt if you will. 

       I have met some of the most interesting people in my life in this area. We tracted into a man who is missing an arm. He knows that the Word of Wisdom is a true principal. He knows the Law of Chastity to its fullest. He is prepared.  We have not taught any of these things to him, but he knows the universal truth. Amazing.
                   Elder Caldlwell 

Monday, October 19, 2015

19 Oct 2015 "love the Lord and serve him the very best you can."

   This week has been pretty crazy from zone training to Transfer calls. I will be finishing my last transfer in the Ava area. I am kinda sad that it is coming to a close so fast. I realized that I am one of the oldest in the Mission and it gets sad. 

     I love My Mission and I understand that there is a time and a season to all things under the heavens and this is my time to serve, to love, and to work hard up to the end. I have been severely blessed to be on a Mission. 

    I have met some incredible people that I never would have met or ever associated with before my Mission. I have learned more about who I am and who I can become. 

    There has been some confusion as to what my address is so here it is again:
             Route 6 Box 6470 apt 15:
             Ava, Mo 65608 
     I love you all, wish I had more time to write but all I can say is love the Lord and serve him the very best you can. Your life will be much happier and you will find yourself more focused and having more time to do the things you love. 

                        Elder Caldwell