Monday, March 2, 2015

2 Mar 2015 "Wow! Shut down due to snow..."

  I have been reading in the Bible a lot lately and I am just amazed at how much the Old Testament talks about the things in the world, such as Jealousy and Pride and Perverts and odd things!!! I started to ask myself why do they talk of such things all the time?  I came to the conclusion that it had to do with a contrast. When Jesus Christ comes, it looks so much brighter than in the times of the Old Testament where the term an Eye for an Eye and a Tooth for a Tooth was common.
     I have learned a lot this week.  If you have a problem with anyone, just serve them and forget the problem.  It goes away. I have never truly been perfect at such a task, but I have found it easier to serve than to complain about it. I also found that if you serve thenm then the problem that you once faced is gone.
     We got 6 inches of snow on Saturday and it made for a pretty long couple of days.  All appointments canceled. My companion does not like to play in the snow.  Normally I would just go out and throw some snowballs, but it's not fun by yourself. I had one more option, I studied for 3.5 hours on Sunday and 2 hours on Saturday. I read all of 1 Samuel in 5 days and am half way through 2 Samuel. I read Ensigns and New Eras. I found some amazing stories and learned so much.  It turned out to be a great day for me. I also made some fun card towers just for fun.  You got to have a break, otherwise I would have been asleep. My companion on the other hand just moped around. I did not see that being much fun.
    In Missouri, the world shuts down for a snow dusting. When they get 6 people just looking at you like you're Crazy walking out in it. I found that the funny part of them thinking I was crazy is that they were driving in it haha. I think driving in it, when there are no plows, is pretty funny.  I can walk faster than the car is moving.
    We went to the Senior Center and volunteered to cut up vegetables. I love it there.  The two girls that work in that kitchen are hilarious to me. I dont know, if you ask others..they might say they are angry and unapproachable. We had a good laugh about that little compliment that someone gave her. She is one happy lady.
                                   Elder Caldwell  

My fun card tower!

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