Monday, March 16, 2015

16 Mar 2015 "Tender Mercies"

Hey ya'll!  The title is so fitting when I think of this week. First off, we were asked to write a talk on Tender Mercies of the Lord for Zone Conference. I started to write mine Monday morning.   I did not put much thought into it.
     We went bowling as a District at a place called Lighthouse Lanes. the T was raised up more like a cross (we are in the Bible Belt). We walk in and the lady at the desk told us we could bowl then pay after. I thought that was super cool!! I told Sister Ratto that I missed a few things about home and I am just a tad trunkie. All I know after that is she said something so simple to the effect of: wow you're trunkie you have 9 months left. Boy, did that one get me thinking!  Next thing I know, I am relating everything I did at home to the Gospel and everything is now a positive.
     I was fine until I got transferred here, what changed? The only real thing was my Attitude and it was because I was not being as diligent as I could be. I later told Sister Ratto of the experience I had. She said something that became my Tender Mercy. Then I got to thinking, how often am I a Tender Mercy for someone else? How often do I say something that could change someones thinking so much? How often do we lift others and have no clue that we have done it?
     Needless to say I re-wrote my talk and put a lot more thought into it. God is real.  He often works through others when we are too stubborn to see it. God loves us.  Are we going to be the ones that keep his commandments and love him?
    I have learned a lot about myself and also about the work this week. We have been teaching a part-member family.  Last night we met with them and one of the kids had a girlfriend over. We just read from the Book of Mormon.  It was really cool. At the end, she handed the Book of Mormon back and when I told her she could keep it, she smiled and walked into the kitchen. As we were driving away, I look in the rear view mirror to see the Girlfriend dancing on the lawn with the Book of Mormon held over her head. I can't imagine myself dancing over any book, but who knows. I think it was the coolest reaction I have seen on my Mission.
                                        Elder Caldwell
District Conference March 2015

Zone Bowling!!

Zone Bowling...we are a great zone!!

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