Tuesday, July 28, 2015

27 July 2015 "Shortest Stay in an area my whole mission"

Guess what ya'll??  I am headed to Ava, Missouri on Thursday.  Apparently I cant get it right in Missouri.  I am serving with and Elder that served in a district that I lead not too long ago. I will serve as District leader in my old District with Ash Flat, Arkansas in the District. I am so excited!!!  I have only been in Jenks, OK for 6 weeks. They also separated the Jenks and Sapulpa areas into two again, like they were before I got here.  

     I don't know why I came to Oklahoma for just one Transfer, but I do know that Elder Shore feels like he knows. He says he needed me, but I have no clue what I said.  He will be training his 2nd trainee and he has only been out for 9 months.  He is one incredible Missionary and I am so glad I got to serve with him.
     Elder Smuin is going home at the end of this next transfer.  We served in Ash Flat about a year ago together. We had an exchange and I got to talk to Elder Smuin a bit. I realized that it had been a year since I met him.  It really shows how fast time goes on a Mission. 

     The Lord works in Mysterious ways and I know he tries us, tests us, and turns us into better people than we could ever be on our own. I have met some great people here in Jenks in such a short amount of time.  People I won't forget. I hope everyone gets the experience to serve a full time Mission. It is incredible! You have no idea what the Lord can make of you!

 Elder Caldwell


Monday, July 20, 2015

20 July 2015 "We worked hard and had an enjoyable week"

I now understand fully how amazing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is. We went to a church called Life Church TV and I tell you what,There is a very different feeling there. I am convinced that it is not for me.  It was a great rock concert with laser lights and everything. There were a few scriptures in it and a Movie watched.  All things that seem super weird as a Missionary!!!  We did get permission to go to this church, as we got invited by a potential investigator.
Doing more with less.  That is what is happening in our Mission.  We are teaching more, Baptizing more, and bringing more closer to Christ with less people. Yes, it is agitating covering 2 areas.  However it is the Lord's way of making me better than I could possibly make myself. Remember that there are many who look up to you.  Don't budge under stress.  Put a smile on.  Be the one to change people from a depressed mood to a happy determined mood. 
   We worked hard and had an enjoyable week. it was definitely an eye opener! I hope you have a great week.  I don’t have much time but enjoy.  The coolest thing about that church?   I got to hold Darth Vader’s light Saber.  Life is good!

Love Elder C
Life Church TV ..even Darth Vader is welcomed.

Elder S and Me with Darth Vader!


Monday, July 13, 2015

13 July 2015 "Spiritual gifts..sometimes hard to see."

  The Spiritual gifts that we have are sometimes hard to see.   I am so glad that I have such a great companion so that I can stay focused on the true gifts that I receive. Heavenly Father loves us and wants the best for us.   I know this for a fact.  I have had ups and downs and crazy Roller coaster rides, but it is the ups and downs that make it interesting and fun. I have learned so much out here and especially in the last week. I love being able to search the scriptures every morning and then pick my companions brain and bounce the impressions and thoughts I have off of him.

     I feel like me and Elder Shore make pretty good companions. We work pretty well together and try to plan things to be most effective. We met with an old man on his driveway and he was so excited about the news that there is a Prophet on the earth and we know his name. I hope it goes further than that. 

It really hits me how blessed I am to be able to know that God loves me that he has a plan for me. He has sent me Prophets to guide me and to love me. I am so glad that I know of the Book of Mormon, that I know that it is a true record testifying of the Messiah, the Son of God. I know that we can have Eternal Families. I wish everyone could have this same comfort that I feel in my soul.

    I hope that you can all conquer the trials you are going through.  There is only one way.  That is through Jesus Christ, our Savior. I love This Knowledge I hope you do too!!


Elder C

6 July 2015 "...just LOVE YOUR NEIGHBORS!!"

This week was rough and the results were not quite what we wanted. We had a Zone Conference with President Loveland, that was kinda weird. I am going to miss President Shumway but I am also excited for President Loveland and his wife. They work hard and that is something I like. They talk in today's terms and in today's language. He even said "awesome" over the pulpit. He is a "White Handbook Mission President". He asked us what makes this Mission so successful and we said it is the culture of obedience that is around the Mission.
    The Lord has prepared this Work for us and we need to be worthy to do the work.  We need to be willing to serve him as members and missionaries. I am so glad to be in the ABM (Arkansas Bentonville Mission). We can do great things and we have done great things in the past. The Church started with one prayer less than 200 years ago and has now grown so fast. It would not grow if it were not God's Church. I know this for a fact.
    It is incredible the effect that we have on other people. I can tell ya'll that if it were not for members being true and doing what they should, this work is made a lot harder. That does not mean that we have to invite everyone to church or to read the Book of Mormon, It simply means we need to invite and be good examples in all we do. Invite them to a barbecue, to go roller skating with you, or on a hike....just LOVE YOUR NEIGHBORS!!!


Elder C

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

29 June 2015 "Off to see the Wizard."

 I don't have much time but there is a bit to say. Lots is going on at home and I am excited about it.  Life seems to make us hit the ground running. This week we will be trying to double the standard of excellence and we will be working hard at it all week. We are going to cut our Preparation day a little short so that we can do this.

      This last week we met some new people and I am terrible with names.  It is really sad.  I have noticed I don't know hardly anyone in the two areas. There is this guy in the ward who just got off his Mission and the next day he was out helping us out.

     My new companion is Elder S.  He is from Caldwell Idaho. He is the youngest of three.  See the parallels?  He has been out seven months.  We both like to ski and love the same music.

     I hope that all goes well and hope to see ya'll in a while, too bad it will be a short while. I am off to see the wizard or something like that
                                     Elder Caldwell