Monday, August 25, 2014

25 Aug 2014 "A week of ups and downs"


     What a week of craziness. On Friday as many of you know our Mission went through a pretty traumatic experience. We lost one of our loved Sister Missionaries, Sister Vea.  I know she is in good hands now and I know that God has a Mission waiting for her on the other side of the veil.  A mission is the best training we could receive for the Spirit World.  I hope that her family finds comfort through Christ, that is what is most important. The Oklahoma Tulsa Mission will miss her.
      We worked hard all week and I had a feeling that I was getting transfered all week.  Well, it came true.  I got the Transfer call and found out I am going to Ash Flat, Arkansas.  It has been part of this Mission for less than a year.  It used to be in the Little Rock Arkansas Mission but now its in the OTM.  I finally get the opportunity to leave the Springfield Zones now.  I get to serve in a branch.
      I have found peace through reading my scriptures every day. The Book of Mormon is an amazing book.  After I have read it a few times, I am starting to even understand a lot of the Isaiah chapters. I Love my Mission President.  He is amazing and he has really helped me learn so much.  Due to the events I wrote of earlier, he is going to be meeting with every Missionary in the Mission and helping to make this an inspiring thing not something to get down about. 
    For those of you who want to write me Letters this will be my new address:
                                                 Elder Caldwell
                                              114 Little Creek Cir
                                              Ash Flat, Ar 72513 

   I know that the trials in life are but a moment. We will move on, we will fight strong. For this is the best Mission in the World!  It is My Mission, the OTM.  I am so proud to have part in this Mission!

Elder Caldwell

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

18 August 2014 "...can't think what to write."

 Hello ya'll!

   This will be short.  Not because I dont love ya'll, but just because I can't think what to write.  We tracted a street in the middle of the "middle of nowhere" and rode our bikes 20 miles that day,  Not too abnormal, but it changes things when its to contact one single person. 

   I am excited to see what happens on Saturday.  Whether I am staying in Aurora or whether I go somewhere else.  I don't necesarily care either way but it would be kinda nice to see something new and different. 

   We are getting a set of Spanish Elders in Aurora. That is pretty exciting and all. The work is going well.  We had quite a few progressing investigators this last week.  Hope this finds you well.  Wish I had more to say.

   Oh family sent me a box with awesome socks and a sweet tie.  I also bought a necklace from a Hawaiian man.  He made it from Elk bones and a Coconut shell, its perty sweet if ya ask me. 
   Love all ya'll I will have pictures next week if the computers work at the Stake Center.
                              Elder Caldwell

Monday, August 11, 2014

11 Aug 2014 "Well, a week of miracles, and I can't remember what happened."

I have no clue what happened this week, but Hey! We got 3 new investigators.  I got lots of letters.  And, well, let's just say it was a busy week!  Oh ya, I got to do some Automotive work!   I love how we all have our different talents that help people out.  I really am just lost as to what to say.  We have been preparing for a week for this week.  It is another big challenge, Miracle Week.  We are challenged to get a new investigator every day for 7 days.  I am excited!  These are the kind of challenges where you have to put your whole heart and soul in it, then you see crazy results. I wish I could honestly be like that for my whole Mission.

 Our Mission President challenged us to read the Book of Mormon in just a few months.  So here we are, doing just that. We have been doing a lot of "OTMing" or Street contacting.  I love that.  Being able to just talk to people that are outside there houses and more willing to talk. 

 We got a Member referral from the Maynes.  Her name is Christy.  (For those of you that don't know, I have never taught a referral in a members home until now.)  It was super exciting!   I am so glad that we have been able to gain member trust more and more in this area.  The longer I stay here the more I get to see. 

                            Love y'all,
                                     Elder Caldwell 

Monday, August 4, 2014

03 August 2014 "Wow, wow, wow People be in AWE!"

Hola mis Amigos
    This week has been fantastic. I finally got a picture of a Marrionville White Squirrel. There are only 3 places in the U.S. that White Squirrels exist and one is Marrionville, Missouri. I have served here 4 months and just got a picture of one.  They are a pretty rare occurance.

     On a completely different note..this week has opened my eyes a little bit. I actually got to know what it is like to sit in on a baptism where you can't understand the language of the people.  We have been teaching a Hispanic family and they are pretty much my best friends.  These 3 little girls just are always making me laugh.   Little kids are the best, but anyways we were able to go to the fathers baptism.   He is a super amazing guy, just does not speak very good English.  Sorry I did not get any pictures of them.
    I dont know if you guys remember James and Brandi from Nixa.  James emailed me and he told me that he has recieved the Priesthood and was able to baptize his kids this last week.  I am so fanatically excited about this!  They are another amazing family. I am so glad that I was able to be a part of that.
   Missions are great.  Some weird things happen that you can't explain both temporal and Spiritual.  I will be honest this is completely temporal story.   We have been helping a local church with a food distribution pantry. When we got done distributing and started cleaning up this last time, the youth pastor told us just to come get him from his office when we needed a ride home.  We went to his office and he had a guitar.  He asked if we played and Elder Holyoak said that I used to a little.  I told them that I only know a few chords so I played a little and both Pastor Terry and Youth Pastor John said "what about the Epiphone we have in the back?"   I'm thinking, "what about it?"   They then walked back into their chapel with me and my companion and showed us the Epiphone then told me that it was mine. Wait what?  A preacher from a different church just randomly gave me a Guitar. (dont worry it is approved for this mission). 
     I am so blessed to be able to be in Aurora and to meet the people I have. I would not give this opportunity to serve a mission up for anything else in the world. Thank you all for getting me to this point.   I can't do it alone thats why I am so glad that I have had such support. I know that the things you all taught me are still with me even though I am more then 1200 miles away.  You are all here pushing me along.    I can't express my appreciation enough. 
                        Love ya'll
                              Elder Caldwell