Wednesday, March 25, 2015

23 Mar 2015 "Hey ya'll"

 Transfer calls came...I am staying another Transfer in Marshfield and I am Training again. I don't know his name or nothing.  Ya'll will find out next week.
    We should be having a baptism pretty soon, DS, who is soon to be DG, will be getting baptized once she quits smoking and gets married.
     We have been teaching the K Family.  They are a Part-Member family and they are so incredible. Last night Sister K told us that J, her husband, would not even let the missionaries in the house before us. She also said he has opened up more to us than to anyone church related prior. She said "I don't know what you did for him, but thank you." I love that family.  I dont know if I did anything other than follow the spirit and not preach. The first time I met J, we just talked cars and fireman stuff and now he will talk gospel to us.
     "No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care."
       I have found that quote very useful in all Missionary aspects. It is Gods work and God is loving, so if we want to do his work we have to Love. Its a really simple concept but it means more than anything else to me. Love those we associate with and they will see us and notice the difference in our lives.
     Here is the last time this District will be together or this big.  They have combined another area in Springfield. The Springfield Zone now has 3 two congregation areas. Marshfield, Springfield 1st, and Willard. As the Mission grows and the Missionary numbers go down, it has made for quite an interesting Mission. I love it.  Keeps us on our toes and continuing to grow!
                                                   Love ya'll,
                                                           Elder Caldwell

My Springfield Zone before the split.

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