Monday, February 23, 2015

23 Feb 2015 "What an Amazing Week"

   I have been a little shell shocked by all the support between the Branch and the Ward we are in right now. They are truly amazing.  Sadly, I will have a hard time getting to know them unless I spend about 6 months in this area. It is a lot of names to remember.  Luckily the Lord has been helping me in the process of remembering names.
     I have seen Miracle.  We committed one lady to quit smoking and to come back to church all in the same lesson. To say that the Spirit was so thick you could cut it with a knife, would be a bit of a lie. It was thicker/  So thick that you would have to used a full-on sword to cut through the Spirit.
     I have no doubt that the spirit is there and that there is a God and a plan for all. I have found that I can recognize the same spirit in a 3 year old as a full grown adult. If we Look (which is found many many times in the Book of Mormon) all God asks of us is to Look and Remember. If we Look around us, we can find great things. The Spirit speaks to us and it also speaks through us if we are worthy of it.
     I know that the Lord has prepared a way for us to always Look unto him. A Young Woman gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting about Choice and Accountability. It struck me hard that there is always a good choice to make. We have all been given the gift of discernment and what a gift that is.  If we had no knowledge of Right and Wrong, how could we possibly survive this test? I have been studying Grace a lot lately. Christ has already paid the price we just need to learn to follow in his footsteps.
    There is this really nice Cafe that gives us free food. When we first went there, we thought that the owner was L.D.S. Turns out we were wrong.  She is a non-member who respects and loves what we do. She has no desire to change, but she has already changed me. I am so glad there are people in this world like her. No, not only because I get free food, but because I know that there are people out there that are willing to help people out "to lift one another's burdens that they may be light."
                                           Love ya'll,
                                                  Elder Caldwell   

Me & Elder Cureton

My Marshfield Digs

I love this white stuff!!

Monday, February 16, 2015

16 Feb 2015 "Ha,Ha another crazy one"

 My zone leaders had no idea that I was getting shotgunned into an area replacing Sisters, so I didn't know I was shotgunning until I met the Marshfield Sisters at Transfer Point. They knew I was coming, but I had no idea. Pretty crazy.
    I am so grateful for Sisters M and P.  They left such great notes and have really worked hard in this Ward and Branch. Oh ya, we are covering 2 units right now.  The Branch has over 200 and the Ward has over 350 Members. It is a big change from Ash Flat's 120 Members and 40 Active. I got to learn names and everything. haha.  I am so bad at names.
   The 2nd day I was here, Elder C and I went over to Brother H's house.  It's odd but somehow that is pronounced a lot like wheat thin but its (wheatin). Anyways, he kinda makes me feel a little old in odd ways.  He is 23 and is our Ward Mission Leader.  He is married and has a kid on the way. I am too young for that crazy, preposterous, insanity. He is super excited about Missionary work and having Elders now.  He has already been on one exchange with us and has agreed to another this week.
   We came in and started setting up appointments with less actives and with investigators that the sisters were working with. We now have 22 set appointments.  I have never had it so easy. All we did was text them.  We did not even call or anything and now we have one busy week lined out.
    This morning we woke up to a beautiful surprise...6-8 inches of snow all over!  I was so excited!   I have not seen real snow since last winter!  We went sledding for exercise in the morning!  It was great!   I love snow, other than the fact that they cancelled church for it here.
                                                           Elder Caldwell


Monday, February 9, 2015

09 Feb 2015 "Another crazy Week"

      This week started with me getting sick, then some Service, and I am still sick. I started in Ash Flat, Arkansas and finished the week in West Plains, Missouri. Elder S is currently on a plane going to Australia. We got shotgunned out of our house in Ash Flat and got replaced by Sisters.  They won't be there until Thursday of this week. We tried to clean everything up. I found out I was leaving less than 16 hours before I actually left.
      I am currently living with the Zone leaders in West Plains.  Tripanionships are just down right weird.  I really can't wait to get back to normal Mission life, where I have a bed to sleep in and I have a cupboard full of groceries that I bought, so I don't feel guilty using other people's food. Its all good, though.  Makes for funny experiences.   I will clue you in at the end of this email. 

      The quick exchange of email addresses and goodbyes that followed. Boy, am I going to miss Ash Flat. That's OK, because I have said that about every area I have served in. Now I get the opportunity to serve in Marshfield, Missouri.
      Cough drops are some good candy.  I am blowing through them like water. I love ya'll and wish ya the best.
        FUNNY STORY OF THE WEEK:  Last night I was sleeping in a recliner, because it is what we had. I leaned back and fell asleep. I might have rolled over or woken up cold or something. (The house we are living in in West Plains has no heating.) Anyways...right after I woke up, the chair flipped over and I found myself laying with my feet in the air. My Zone Leader woke up to the ruckus,  When he saw my feet in the air, he busted up laughing! Me...being half awake and half asleep, I laid there for a good 3 minutes before I sat the chair back up and pulled the couch cushions off and layed them out. Three more days in West Plains!

        Well ya'll have a good week,  
                    Elder Caldwell

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

02 Feb 2015 "Crazy Busy Week"

Hey Ya'll
     We had one crazy week. We went from fixing up our new house we were going to live in to getting a call from K N (Branch Mission Leader) saying we are moving in today. It went quick for sure.
      We got a phone call from President S telling Elder S that his Visa had come in. He will be leaving next Monday so I don't know if I will be able to email that Monday.
      Elder H came down from Mountain Home on exchange.   I think I might have found a real good friend.  He was in Semi- Pro for UFC. He was almost to the point of getting drafted into the UFC when he came on his Mission.
      We went to Brother C's and split wood for a couple hours with a splitting maul. Some people are made to split wood and some are not. Elder S prefers to pet the wood with the maul.  ha ha.
       I love it here in Ash Flat.  I may not come back to this area but I really hope I do. On Monday I take my Australian-bound companion to the airportt!! Crazy, noone will know who my Greenie was in the Mission, other than the district.
       I have had a really interesting week.  We took a man named J on a church tour.  He said that as soon as the church he is at now gets a new preacher he will come. He is substituting as preacher in his church right now.
                 Love ya'll
                      Elder Caldwell