Monday, July 13, 2015

6 July 2015 "...just LOVE YOUR NEIGHBORS!!"

This week was rough and the results were not quite what we wanted. We had a Zone Conference with President Loveland, that was kinda weird. I am going to miss President Shumway but I am also excited for President Loveland and his wife. They work hard and that is something I like. They talk in today's terms and in today's language. He even said "awesome" over the pulpit. He is a "White Handbook Mission President". He asked us what makes this Mission so successful and we said it is the culture of obedience that is around the Mission.
    The Lord has prepared this Work for us and we need to be worthy to do the work.  We need to be willing to serve him as members and missionaries. I am so glad to be in the ABM (Arkansas Bentonville Mission). We can do great things and we have done great things in the past. The Church started with one prayer less than 200 years ago and has now grown so fast. It would not grow if it were not God's Church. I know this for a fact.
    It is incredible the effect that we have on other people. I can tell ya'll that if it were not for members being true and doing what they should, this work is made a lot harder. That does not mean that we have to invite everyone to church or to read the Book of Mormon, It simply means we need to invite and be good examples in all we do. Invite them to a barbecue, to go roller skating with you, or on a hike....just LOVE YOUR NEIGHBORS!!!


Elder C

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