Tuesday, April 28, 2015

27 April 2015 "This week brought some surprises"

This week started like any other exchanges with Klay Atwell and everything! Then on Friday, we had a mini Zone Conference.  I talked to the Castors from Ash Flat.  They got a good picture of me while we were conversing. My companion, Elder Levitz, went and talked one on one with President Shumway.  At that point I realized something was wrong. 

    The next day I drove down to Monett Stake Center which, in order to get to, I had to drive through Aurora, Missouri (my 2nd area). While I was there, the memories started racing through my mind and I am so glad that I have the opportunity to go through there. I found out that Jacob Numbers got his Mission Call and is going to Argentina!
    Elder L then met with the mission Psychologist and found out that he needed to go home immediately. So I spent the last two nights with the Zone Leaders and on Sunday, Elder L flew home.  We dropped him off in the Springfield Airport.  We cried a little and watched him go on his way.
   I was sent back to Marshfield with Elder G. He is amazing and energetic. He loves all the same music and is one incredible OTM Elder! I hope we get the whole next transfer to work together, but we might just have a week and a half. We get along real well. I hope we can light this area on fire even more so than it already is.
    While I was in the Monett stake building, I ran into the Angel Kids (as we used to call them from Aurora). Lauren talked to me for some good time and I am so proud of all of them. The Little girls are all still looking forward to baptism.  They are still waiting on their dad to come back to America from Mexico to Baptize them.
      Other than that love ya'll,
                            Elder Caldwell 

Elder G and Me!

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