Wednesday, April 22, 2015

20 April 2015 "Week-odd be it"

Hey Folks! 
   My week has been fantastic. I got a cool Alarm Clock today for $9. I figured I cant beat that I will include a picture. Our districts are so small right now that we have been having Combined District Meetings. We only have 3 companionships in our district and one of them is Sisters.
     We have been doing a lot of Less-Active hunting lately.  I think we found the Seymour Ghetto. It was pretty cool, all in all.  There were a few girls mocking us there.  I find it super funny when people mock Missionaries expecially me.  As they were talking loudly mocking us, I over heard this phrase. "If I wanted to come to their church I would go to their church, don't knock on my door that's annoying as _________."  My immediate thought was, "thats exactly what this lady that we are trying to see did at one point!!" Then I laughed outloud and Elder Levitz just looked at me like I had lost my mind.
     I have been reading up a lot on the Atonement. I am so glad I have a Savior who truly loves me and wants me to progress. The Law of Moses does not sound like too much fun!!! I would definately be stoned by now and I do mean the Biblical term of "stoned".
     I hope ya'll have a great week.  Don't you just love my color scheme I chose today haha. Well, hmm, what else to say?  Oh.. we were going down a dirt road and there was an unseen jump just in the middle of the road.   Well, I found that if you almost come off the ground, the box on the windshield yells at you back to back for driving too agressively. haha.   Tiwi problems it did sound pretty funny!
     There is this 18 year old priest who came around with us all day on Friday. We went to his dad's work and saw what he calls "Mini NASA". They have air conditioning units (emphasis on the s).  More than one would fill my entire bedroom. They use them just to keep the computer equipment cool because it generates so much heat. We also went to a lot of different peoples houses (non-member family Members of him). At some point during the day he played my guitar, I found that he likes the same music I do! K is a beast!!
      Love ya'll.  I gotta go,
                             Elder Caldwell
Walking on water!!
Cool new alarm clock!!

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