Tuesday, February 3, 2015

02 Feb 2015 "Crazy Busy Week"

Hey Ya'll
     We had one crazy week. We went from fixing up our new house we were going to live in to getting a call from K N (Branch Mission Leader) saying we are moving in today. It went quick for sure.
      We got a phone call from President S telling Elder S that his Visa had come in. He will be leaving next Monday so I don't know if I will be able to email that Monday.
      Elder H came down from Mountain Home on exchange.   I think I might have found a real good friend.  He was in Semi- Pro for UFC. He was almost to the point of getting drafted into the UFC when he came on his Mission.
      We went to Brother C's and split wood for a couple hours with a splitting maul. Some people are made to split wood and some are not. Elder S prefers to pet the wood with the maul.  ha ha.
       I love it here in Ash Flat.  I may not come back to this area but I really hope I do. On Monday I take my Australian-bound companion to the airportt!! Crazy, noone will know who my Greenie was in the Mission, other than the district.
       I have had a really interesting week.  We took a man named J on a church tour.  He said that as soon as the church he is at now gets a new preacher he will come. He is substituting as preacher in his church right now.
                 Love ya'll
                      Elder Caldwell

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