Monday, February 16, 2015

16 Feb 2015 "Ha,Ha another crazy one"

 My zone leaders had no idea that I was getting shotgunned into an area replacing Sisters, so I didn't know I was shotgunning until I met the Marshfield Sisters at Transfer Point. They knew I was coming, but I had no idea. Pretty crazy.
    I am so grateful for Sisters M and P.  They left such great notes and have really worked hard in this Ward and Branch. Oh ya, we are covering 2 units right now.  The Branch has over 200 and the Ward has over 350 Members. It is a big change from Ash Flat's 120 Members and 40 Active. I got to learn names and everything. haha.  I am so bad at names.
   The 2nd day I was here, Elder C and I went over to Brother H's house.  It's odd but somehow that is pronounced a lot like wheat thin but its (wheatin). Anyways, he kinda makes me feel a little old in odd ways.  He is 23 and is our Ward Mission Leader.  He is married and has a kid on the way. I am too young for that crazy, preposterous, insanity. He is super excited about Missionary work and having Elders now.  He has already been on one exchange with us and has agreed to another this week.
   We came in and started setting up appointments with less actives and with investigators that the sisters were working with. We now have 22 set appointments.  I have never had it so easy. All we did was text them.  We did not even call or anything and now we have one busy week lined out.
    This morning we woke up to a beautiful surprise...6-8 inches of snow all over!  I was so excited!   I have not seen real snow since last winter!  We went sledding for exercise in the morning!  It was great!   I love snow, other than the fact that they cancelled church for it here.
                                                           Elder Caldwell


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