Monday, February 9, 2015

09 Feb 2015 "Another crazy Week"

      This week started with me getting sick, then some Service, and I am still sick. I started in Ash Flat, Arkansas and finished the week in West Plains, Missouri. Elder S is currently on a plane going to Australia. We got shotgunned out of our house in Ash Flat and got replaced by Sisters.  They won't be there until Thursday of this week. We tried to clean everything up. I found out I was leaving less than 16 hours before I actually left.
      I am currently living with the Zone leaders in West Plains.  Tripanionships are just down right weird.  I really can't wait to get back to normal Mission life, where I have a bed to sleep in and I have a cupboard full of groceries that I bought, so I don't feel guilty using other people's food. Its all good, though.  Makes for funny experiences.   I will clue you in at the end of this email. 

      The quick exchange of email addresses and goodbyes that followed. Boy, am I going to miss Ash Flat. That's OK, because I have said that about every area I have served in. Now I get the opportunity to serve in Marshfield, Missouri.
      Cough drops are some good candy.  I am blowing through them like water. I love ya'll and wish ya the best.
        FUNNY STORY OF THE WEEK:  Last night I was sleeping in a recliner, because it is what we had. I leaned back and fell asleep. I might have rolled over or woken up cold or something. (The house we are living in in West Plains has no heating.) Anyways...right after I woke up, the chair flipped over and I found myself laying with my feet in the air. My Zone Leader woke up to the ruckus,  When he saw my feet in the air, he busted up laughing! Me...being half awake and half asleep, I laid there for a good 3 minutes before I sat the chair back up and pulled the couch cushions off and layed them out. Three more days in West Plains!

        Well ya'll have a good week,  
                    Elder Caldwell

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