Thursday, January 1, 2015

29 Dec 2014 "I get to train in Ash Flat"

This week was great! I loved being able to see my Family. They are amazing. I am so glad that I get to use skype 2 times a year. All is going well on the home front.
I finally saw Frozen and its a pretty good movie I have to say.  In between that and the Rookie. We pretty much just chilled at the church for Christmas Eve and Christmas.  Now I got some movies to send home haha.
What an amazing experience it is to find a family that makes you feel at home, even though you are 1,200 miles away. I am happy to know that I have people here that remind me of home and all the things they taught me. I have made so many new friends.
I get to train this next transfer, starting on 1 January 2014. I get to train a new missionary straight from the MTC in Ash Flat that makes this area at least a 6 month area! It is very probable that I will be here for a transfer after that, too.  That would put it at a 7.5 month Area!  That is crazy for the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission!!  It's less then 10% of the Mission that has a 5 transfer area!

I've already decided that we are going to hit the ground runnin'.  He ain't gonna have time for unpackin' .  We go tracting first!  I remember the shell shock of my first day, but I learned so much just getting out and doin' the Lord's work.  I think we'll work hard and make spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.  That Omaha Meats Christmas present continues to be the best thing ever!  Those pork chops were amazing. The hamburgers are softer than the buns that we bought.  Crazy how tender they are.  The steak, I have decided I kinda like a rarer steak than I used to.  Thjs truly has been the gift of all gifts!  Especially for me!

James will be a beast when I get home!  A few years later, he will be Sam Ns age.  Crazy!!  I play around with this little kid Samuel... he is a blast.   I like when kids are able to be kids.
I am very glad to have both of my wonderful parents.  Ya'll have helped me so much.  I have seen a lot of broken families and I never realized how good I have it.  I love the fact that I got disciplined and I am so glad ya'll had the patience to discipline me. Yet, ya love me so much and I know it. thank ya'll.
I hope ya'll have a great week

love ya


Elder C

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