Tuesday, December 23, 2014

22 Dec 2014 "Sorry about the picture bomb message"

      I figured this week is much better said by pictures.  My family is the best!  Those Dollar bill creations were amazing!  I would also like to thank all those who put together that tree and wrote all the notes!  It was like getting 100 letters.....pretty exciting week!!!  My companion and I are loving the 12 days of Christmas. Thank you so much for all you work!  
      I am so grateful for all ya'll. I want ya'll to know that I am having a fantastic Christmas Season!   Merry Christmas!  We have been able to talk to a bunch of different people and found 2 new investigators. I am really impressed with all the many blessings that I have had by being out here for the Christmas season and continuing to do the Lord's work.
      Another Transfer is coming up.   I wanna stay in Ash Flat, but I am thinking I will get transfered this time. New Years Day is Transfers. I will talk to ya'll next week and tell ya'll the verdict.


           Elder Caldwell
My Origami Birthday Present!!  Thanks Family!!

Dollar cubes?!?...AWESOME!!

Dollar Shirts and Ties..AMAZING!!

Dollar Hearts...SUPER-D-DUPER!!

Many creations = an undisclosed amount of Birthday AMAZEMENT!!

2014 Christmas Tree.....WOW!!  It's like getting 100 letters!!

Best Christmas Tree Ever!  

..and you thought of it all...Omaha Steaks??  Family....YOU ROCK!!

Above all...the real reason for all the Celebration!  I love my mission!!

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