Tuesday, December 16, 2014

15 Dec 2014 "Another week in Paradise"

Hello Friends!

 I really can not imagine a better way to spend my week than doing what I am doing, currently serving in the Ash Flat Branch.  That being said, it has many challenges but I know that all the challenges are just to better me.  It is truly what makes this Paradise.
I would not love this if I did not struggle at all.  It would be a sad realization. I love the fact that it has not been easy. "Embrace the suck".
My 22nd Birthday was just yesterday.  I celebrated by tracting down the streets.  We found a new investigator. That alone really just made me happy.  To be able to reach out to someone who has the same questions that I did once upon a time.
I am amazed at how everyone's mission is so specific to what they need.  I know that there can be 200 Elders and Sisters in one Mission and not a one of them will have the same Mission as the other. I love that fact.  I know that this is for me.
I hope ya'll have a great week 

       Elder Caldwell

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