Monday, September 8, 2014

01 Sept 2014 "What a Fun Week"

This week has been a lot of good byes and a lot of hellos and I have just loved it all. The Angel kids are amazing and I will miss them but I also know they are in good hands there in Aurora, Mo

I am sorry I am running out of time, I only have an hour this week and lots of pictures can tell the story better then words, anyways. I got the opportunity to hold a Boa Constrictor the day before I left Aurora and headed to this great place named Ash Flat, AR.   I am so happy to be here, where what they do for fun is fish with the Mansfields, who are recent converts. The Mansfields story is pretty amazing.  He is an ex-gang member and now he is the nicest man. I never would have guessed.  His wife and daughter are pretty funny. I already love all the people here in Ash Flat.  They are those who know they have problems and know that they need to fix it. They really seam to love everyone. I love fishin'.  Good way to enjoy life is to fish.

My life has definitely taken twists and turns. A lot of these other pictures are of people from the Harvest Church where we worked each week with food bank things. (That's also the Church that the preacher gave me a Guitar.) I will definitely miss them, but I Love Ash Flat already.  It's so much fun here.  

I have helped in the building of homes and in building chicken houses. I got here and some non members came over and took us out for  ice cream.  I am impressed in this place and I need a picture of the school here it is literally the Rebels.  Yes, that is the Mascot. 

My Branch Mission Leader pranked me into believing that he did not want us coming around no more and told us that we could shove our book of Mormon where the sun don't shine.  Then I found out that he was our Branch Mission Leader.   It was pretty comical at how well he played that part.

Well I will tell ya more next week but for now just know I love all ya'll and God Bless.

Elder Caldwell

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