Monday, June 30, 2014

30 June 2014 "I have a bit of a safety shield around me."

Hello Everyone!

   This week has been fantastic!  Some crazy, long, odd days tracting and stuff but that is not abnormal.  I know that God is with me and protects me, even from crazy guys who jump in the back seat of the car.
    We were driving to a less-actives home when some man flagged us down. I brought the car to a stop and Elder McReynolds rolled down the window. This man quickly jumped into our backseat and told us that we had saved his life and he wanted to talk about the Bible.   He proceeded to tell us he was high.   Thank goodness for the White Handbook that states we can't give rides to non-members.  We politely asked if we could talk about the Gospel on the side of the road.  He agreed so we taught this high guy, who we think was running from someone (cops maybe). Experience of a lifetime haha.
     Don't worry.  This is not a normal everyday experience just the one time, haha.  It was pretty sketch, but I look back at it and its a really cool journal entry!  God has protected me yet another week.  I am so blessed to be on a Mission.  I have a bit of a safety shield around me.  That is what the Gospel can do for you.
     We contacted a lot of less actives this week.  We are trying to clean up lists.  We got really excited to show our results to the Ward Council. Then we found out that they cancelled church-due to the fumes that are in the chapel.  They are making me a little loopy, haha!!   Varnish is great....jk.

                Love ya'll

                    Elder Caldwell

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