Saturday, June 14, 2014

09 June 2014 "I love storms in Missouri!!"

  Hola Everybody!
 Well, how is this for adventure?  Trees in the roads everywhere, all due to just wind blowing them over and power outages.  Tracting not through rain....but through walls of water!  No windshield wiper made can keep up with this kind of water storm, I dont care what the movie, "Twister" says!  It is wild!!
I got a new companion and in the same day, we're out picking up trees.  We had a whole ton of missionaries looking a little like drowned rats at transfer point this last week. It's kind of funny really..the transfer bus shows up and everyone getting off is dry and the rain stopped,  but those of us who waited at the transfer point...soaked, all the way through!!  I love storms in Missouri!!! They are way cool!  

On top of all that adventure, I was also kidnapped by a member from a different area.  We ended up on the freeway in an overheating truck and never got to our destination.  Truly interesting!!  It has been a pretty fun week if you ask me. 

My new companion is fantastic!  His name is Elder Mcreynolds and he is one hard working man. He seems to be on my same level of work ethic!  Well, thats about it for this week.  Hope you have a great week. Oh ya, he is from Eugene Oregon.  He part of a family of 7.

I love this Mission.  You learn so much and you just keep pumping forward. I absolutely don't even mind one bit the humidity, this place is super bomb. The weather is my favorite.  The people here in Aurora start drinking from sun up to sun down, makes for a very interesting area. I love it all the crazy things that happen on a Mission. You could never explain to anyone the insanity that mission work can be.  I love it all!

Elder Caldwell
Trees toppled in Aurora.

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