Thursday, June 26, 2014

23 June 2014 "It is a miracle."

Hola Everyone!
 Sorry this one will be really short this week. It has been a crazy one and a rewarding one. It is a miracle...the lady with Leukemia from Nixa is now attending church. This is a miracle because it is something her doctor said she would never be able to do when we baptized her. I love these things and I am excited. She is preparing to go to the temple some day soon.
 I am amazed at how much of an influence we have on people. People we do not realize we have reached out and touched at all.
I love my family, they are my stronghold here and at home.   I am so glad I have been given all the things that I have been.
 I am amazed at how well me and my companion get along and just do work the way it should be...RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!
 Elder Caldwell
Me and Elder McReynolds...I love this companion!!

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