Monday, June 16, 2014

16 June 2014 " one wears shirts in these parts."

Hello peoples of planet E-Arth
     This has been one crazy fun week.   Elder McReynalds and I have been going crazy doing a ton of tracting. We have found many good potentials. I love just talking to people and seeing what they think about certain situations. I have been told many really cool stories out here about Truckers, crazy things you can do with fire, and other crazy things.
     On Friday, we got a ride to Springfield for a meeting.  The people who drove us did not get back from work until 4:30.  Our meeting ended at 1:00, so we were stranded in Springfield, Mo for a little while.
      We have had lots of fun experiences... By the way no one wears shirts in these parts. Men with beer bellies are amazing and funny to look at haha.... Ewwww...gross. I love the people here though some are misguided. We all get a little crazy and lost at times but our Heavenly Father is always there watching us. We must follow him in all we say and do.  We can't hide from our Creator.

      Elder Caldwell

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