Tuesday, May 6, 2014

05 May 2014 Speaking Spanish

Hola Mi Amigos!

    Ya'll might be wonderin' why I greeted you en espanol. The reason being that I am now teaching some Hispanic familias and I am learning a little of Spanish.  It is hard to teach Spanish people when you don't know Spanish. We are also teaching all of our English speaking contacts too.

     They closed the area for the Spanish speaking Elders, so we have been picking up there Spanish investigators. I cannot tell you how crazy this is, because we are not given time for language studies but we still need to. It is a good thing we have some awesome ward members who speak Spanish to help us in those situations.

     I have had a fantastic week full of all sorts of crazy things. One of our investigators lives in a fifth wheel camping trailer out in the boonies. He also works for a crop dusting company. In my opinion he is "livin' the dream" ha ha!  I love this man.  J M is awesome. He found a panther out in the woods by his trailer and he was telling us about it.  I thought that was a pretty odd thing to see out here in Missouri, but I don't doubt that he has seen something out there. I know it sounds weird, but this man is my hero.

      We have done lots of service in this week.  Probably 12 hours of service. A quick shout out to my parents "thank you for teaching me how to work hard even when my body says no!!!"   I know that this one teaching is how I am making it through this and loving every minute of it!  Work is not hard, if you have fun doing it.  I love doing it.

       We have done anything from planting trees to helping out at a local church that has a food pantry. Reminds me of the fun I used to have at Arctic Circle just running around quick as can be laughing and singing and rejoicing in the work.

      Well, l got to go fight off more dragons,

                                          Elder Caldwell

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