Monday, May 12, 2014

12 May 2014 "Chocolate Desserts will kill me!"

Chocolate Desserts will kill me!! My companion absolutely is addicted to chocolate.  Naturally, he tells the entire ward this. I would rather have peanut butter bars or something, but all our dinner appointments include chocolate!  Chocolate has been involved in every meal and I am starting to get tired of chocolate!! .
Well, that was like my 3 second ran.  Moving on.  I have had so many great experiences this week. We had Zone Conference and I was able to talk to Elder Marriott, my last companion and catch up on how Nixa is doing. We talked about a family that we had taught and now he is seeing the fruits of our labors. It was amazing to hear the stories of what is going on in my last area.
In that Zone Conference I bore my testimony about how I am prideful and how I will change. I have never shared my testimony with such great power and so little words. I said,  "For three years, I have worked my hardest to get out here. When I got here I said 'I've made it'.   I now know that I have not 'made it'. I let pride slip in and say that 'I am good, I have come so far'. Yet I have just begun."

       Now for a funny, off the wall yet somewhat impressive moment. WE GOT KIDNAPPED!  At 8:30 a member in the ward picked us up to help him pick up a couch and a chair. We went and did not get home until 10:30.  While we were out I learned that Minivans are evil! . I hopped in and grabbed the door frame. In an instant, my companion slammed the door and my hand was jammed in it. Now, I could have been irrationally mad or screaming out in pain, but No. I grunted when it happened, and asked my companion,  "Elder Palmer can you please open your door?"   He felt pretty bad but for me it was all pretty OK.   I just wish he was not so hard on himself. Stuff happens that we can't control.

We had a Member give us this drink that apparently is hard to get your hands on,  It's called Cheerwine its pretty much my favorite soda I have ever had.

 For those of you who have not experienced a mission, just know that Mothers Day and Christmas are the only holidays that matter!!

Well I love ya'll!
Elder Caldwell

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  1. If you like Cheerwine, then North Carolina is the place to be. It is all over the place here!