Tuesday, April 29, 2014

28 April 2014 "Someday I'll make a man out of you!"

Hello Fellow Earthicans! 
     I have been transferred to Aurora, Missouri or how everyone here calls it "Misery".   I think not.  It's kinda fun here in Missouri, ha ha.  I have a new companion, his name is Elder Palmer. He is so excited to have a Missionary companion who is not Apostate. He really likes to sing all the time.   I feel like My grandpa has prepared me for this.  Thanks, Grandpa Cliff!   ha, ha. 
     It definitely has been an interesting change.  My food is more tasty in this area, because some previous missionaries bought us spices to use in our cooking.   I am in a "cooks playground" .  To put it simply, I love spices. 
      The second day I was here, we had a full on service day from 8 AM-7 PM.  At 7 PM we ate and drove home.  It was 9 PM by time we got home. Back breaking labor reminds me of the song, "Someday I'll make a man out of you"!  Disney's Mulan is amazing!  ha ha. I feel like this new assignment just might make a man out of me.  I feel amazing with it, all thanks to my parents who taught me to work hard.
      During our service day, we caught a spider and put it in a jar full of spiders we caught in our apartment.  Now there is only one spider left.  We named her "BIG BERTHA".  You have got to see her picture.  I included it along with a few pics from Nixa. 
      The Nixa picture is a really awesome couple that we were teaching in Nixa.  They offered to take us to Silver Dollar City on P-day.  I hope that works out as I would love to see them again, soon. James, the husband, said that he has a spiritual pilot light on, but no gas is getting to it to stoke his flame.  I love the way he expressed that.  He says he just wants to be fed again.   I hope they let me go back for the baptism. 
                                    Elder Caldwell
Saying goodbye to a fantastic Elder Marriott in Nixa MO.

We might be a little obsessed with hot sauce!  LOL

Two amazing investigators in Nixa.

Big Bertha.

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