Monday, April 7, 2014

07 April 2014 It's Stripling Warrior Week in our zone!

This email may be a little unusual.  I only have about 10 minutes to type it out, so bare with me.

This week is what is known in our zone as "Miracle Week" or "Stripling Warrior Week".  The purpose is to completely lose ourselves in the work.  We, as a companionship, are trying to hit 77 Lessons.  In order to do so, we must cut our P-day a little short, so instead of emailing for 2 hours we are only going for 1. 

This last week was a lot of preparation for this next week.   Somehow last week, we taught just 19 lessons and managed to get 12 investigators from those 19.   Odd?   Yes.  Me and my companion have this quote that comes up frequently, "It's creepy how true the church is!"    We have been so blessed and it just keeps pouring out as we really try hard to do our best.

We met a lady named Brandi.  Taught her a little. She became interested and asked more questions, She proceeded to tell us that her husband was not very interested and not very open to any religion other then his own.  In that same week, we went back and met him.  Turns out that he is not against it.  Actually he seemed really open.  Long story short,  they watched some of General Conference and in his words "I feel like I am being drawn to it and would like to learn more before I make any decision."   Here is a man that has been prepared.

We also have been teaching a guy named Bryan.  I have talked about him. This, however;  is focused on one of his friends that comes to our lessons, Ashlee.   She is really prepared and she knows a few of our church members.  The same church members that promised us a referral  even though they "don't know anyone"  ha, ha.   Moral of the story is sometimes we make missionary work harder then it has to be.  Sometimes the answers are right in front of us.  We, missionaries, can't do this work alone.  We need the members.  Yes, we found this lady on our own but what if we had been referred to her a year ago?  What then?  Would she be going to church?   I don't know but it is a possibility to consider.   No effort is wasted.  Don't let anyone tell you that.

Elder Caldwell

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