Monday, March 31, 2014

31 March 2014 Placing 10 lbs of Books of Mormon in 9 days! That's 28 Books!!

Hello Fellow Earthlings...

This week has been amazing. I love the work and love the challenges we give each other. I love being able to come up with hard goals and to not only reach them, but to reach them knowing that the next weeks goals must stretch us more then these goals.

Our goal was to have 24 lessons this week. We smashed it and hit 31. In a week and a couple days we were able to give away 28 Books of Mormon. We have been able to teach many who are ready for the truth. I cannot even begin to describe how much this is the Lords work.  I am just a tool, much like a hammer to be used in the Lord's hands. I know I could not have done half the things I did this week without him. 

Yesterday was really the most spiritual day I have ever had.  ***There is a small disclaimer on this (DON'T EVER, AS A MISSIONARY, STAY UP UNTIL 2 IN THE MORNING WHEN YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP AT 530 AND GO TO CHURCH ON A FAST SUNDAY!!!!)   That being said, I prayed time and time again yesterday that I might make it through the day. Not only were my prayers answered, but I was able to do many great things in the hand of the Lord. We taught a total of 7 lessons, placed 5 Books of Mormon, and got a Referral. 

We rode our bikes for most of the day from lesson to lesson. One of the opportunities we had was really random, God works in mysterious ways right well he definitely did that day. We talked to a less active family and as we were talking their kid crashed on his bike over by their neighbors house and hurt himself pretty good. The Neighbor came running down the street with this kid in her arms... Long story short, we were able to teach her and give her a Book of Mormon.  We even invited her to watch General Conference and she got excited about doing just that.

We got out of dinner at 7 PM last night and we still had 2 books to place to hit our goal of losing 10 pounds of Books of Mormon.  I knew we could do it, if we just looked to the Lord and asked him what to do and where to go. Mind you, we were on bikes because we ran out of miles this month and I do not want to be that Missionary that says "oh well we went 5 miles over that's pretty good!!"  No.  We have goals and we have Mileage for a reason.  That is the maximum, no excuses for going over. (Anyways, enough rambling, back to my point.)  We were on bikes, and the whole time I was saying a prayer (with my eyes open) that we would find 2 people, open to what we had to say and willing to check it out. We found those people and we taught, We ended up with one new investigator from this experience. 

We started a 40 day fast which is where a different family in the ward fasts for missionary work everyday. We got such an awesome response to this idea.  I am so excited this ward is truly willing to go forward. They are ready to hasten the work.   I am so excited for this month to come. I know that as people pray and fast for the opportunities they will receive them.
                                                                          Elder Caldwell

P.S.This is all about one day in the week.  All the days mirror such experiences.

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