Monday, April 21, 2014

21 April 2014 First Transfer...Aurora MO, here I come!!

My week was interesting.  We started out just like any other... well, kinda....We actually started the week with eating steak and potatoes. That is pretty rare on a mission!

I had my first Zone Leader Exchange where I did the driving in Nixa for the first time.  That was an adventure. We got stranded at a Firestone for 3 hours waiting for our car to get an oil change and tires rotated. It truly baffles me how much silly stuff auto-shops do.   For those of you who do not know, this type of job takes about 30 minutes. Waiting 3 hours kinda foiled our day.  Well anyways, that was just a weird blip of frustration. 

We met a lady who once lived in Riverton, UT and at the time it was Elder Sudberry (my zone leader)  and I. Both of us are from Riverton, it's a small world.  I love being here and seeing how much things can change.

We have a wonderful lady in Nixa who had one daughter commit suicide, one son come home from a mission after 6 months, and the other son ran away at age 14.  The son that ran away is now 15 and is back at home.  He came back,   He is completely removed from the church, however.  He is really nice and came up to us and introduced himself (something, according to her, never has happened before). She walked us out and started crying.  She told us that she needed the very message we shared and she was so happy that her son could have something to relate to us with. 

I am so amazed at how fast things are coming together.  I am 1/6th through my mission already.  I was going through letters last night trying to decide what ones to keep as I have been transferred to Aurora, MO.  I am still in Missouri, haha.  I am so excited for this new journey.  My new companion will be Elder Palmer.  I guess I am going to be the one to kill him. :)

We are teaching this couple, Brandi and James, and they are probably the coolest couple and most excepting that I have ever seen.  I love them so much. James is just really down to earth. I hope to be able to get his email so I can stay in touch with them when I go to Aurora, CO on Thursday. I have never loved people so much whom I have only known for a week.  I know they will be converts in no time.  Ones that really just stick it out and be forever converts. They know what they have to do and they know that the church is true already.  They just need to make it to church. They were not there yesterday because Brandi got sick.


1.  Frozen custard has to be the best thing on the planet!  Why don't we have more of those at home???

2.  My irrational fear of falling through someones porch is now rational.  This last week I fell through Sister Cane's porch.  One more thing I can cross of my "bucket list".  haha

Love to all
Elder C

PS Easter Box delivered right on Easter....priceless!  THANKS ITS FANTASTIC!!

From: Nixa, MO To: Aurora, MO

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