Tuesday, March 25, 2014

24 March 2014 "...she calls us Missionaryers."

Oh, what a blur of a week!  I have been trying to figure out exactly what I did this week. Good thing I have a calendar that I use for the main ideas of my journal entries!! 

This week we gave the sisters in our district our car while theirs was getting fixed. This area became a bike/walk area for 3 days.  We hit to the streets hard... boy am I outta shape!!  Anyways, during this time our Mission Presidents wife challenged all of us to lose 10 lbs. Both Elder Marriott and I looked at each other and decided that we don't have ten pounds to lose, so we resorted to losing 10 lbs of Books of Mormon!  (For those of you who do not know 14 books equal 10 lbs.) 

On the 19th, we ate at a non-members house.  His name is Bryan,  He has 2 kids and both of them love soccer.  We promised them that if they could get their dad to come to church we would play soccer with them. I love this family!  The daughter, Alexandria, is so funny and energetic.  She is very loud and she is always asking us funny questions.  One day we played a trick on her and switched tags so we both were Elder Caldwell. The confused look on her face was great!  Well anyways, she calls us the Missionaryers...kinda funny and cute. 

We keep on growing.  Last week 21 lessons this week 23.  Hopefully we can get 26 this week with more member present lessons. The craziest day of the week was definitely the 21st or Friday.  We walked around Nixa a lot. We had our car, but we drove a total of 17 miles all day and walked the rest. We went to help a lady clean up her yard. She had razor grass everywhere!  It is like picking up razor blades, but it looks totally normal. We ended up cutting our hands up a little... We did have the great opportunity of giving her a Book of Mormon and teaching her. She said she might come to the church sometime. 

Also in that day, we ended up with some teenage girl "cat-calling" us as we passed.  Sadly the only way back to our car was past that girl's house. We walked back to the car and we hear very loud and clear "Everyone outside!"  Next thing we see is some girl making out with a mannequin. I will never understand girls.  When I start to think they are some-what normal, that's when they start making out with mannequins and trying to get our attention... Ha ha!  Well that was a weird Mission story to share. 

One more awesomely funny thing happened.   My companion got locked in a Members bathroom. Brother Gravlin had to take off the doorknob to get him out.  I had a really hard time not laughing as  Elder Marriott was trying to get back to dinner. That took only about 20 minutes...it was pretty awesome!

I attached some pics of some flyers that are being put out all over Nixa from a local church.   Interesting to think that a church would need to offer a free T-shirt just in case they "suck".  Hmmmm...

 Well I got to Email the President.
Elder Caldwell

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