Tuesday, March 18, 2014

17 March 2014 "We received a gift...Thor's Hammer!

This week was amazing.  I cannot say that it was an easy where everyone is accepting of Gods teachings but I can say that we worked our tails off. We only taught a total of 20 lessons. We were able to never stop moving. This was the week of cancellations/transfers. God loves us enough to give us these trials to make us better.   I can not believe how much I love my companion now and all that he does for me. I can not express the greatness I have experienced this last week. 

I can say that this has been the hardest week I have had so far in the last 3 months. However; our faith did not waver.  We pushed forward and in the toughest of times we were able to put our Heavenly Father first and to look to him in our time of need. I have never been so physically, emotionally, or spiritually drained in my life. I will never say a Mission is easy, I will say that My Mission is the hardest yet most rewarding thing I have ever done. I know that God tries us so we can be better in the end. I know that we are the Children of God, I know he is watching me and has a plan for me.

On Saturday Morning we had a General Authority in our Mission speaking to us for a zone conference. He was able to convey the Atonement so beautifully to us... I have no doubt that he is called of God. He personally took the time to shake every missionaries hand. I loved his talk, the spirit was so strong in this conference. I felt such joy and comfort. I know I am not perfect but God knows me and he loves me and he has forgiven me. I know He is perfect. 

Just the other day, my companion and I were laying in our beds and he said to me something that hit me very hard. He told me that President Shumway said that He had never felt so strongly about a transfer as he did with the one that Elder Marriott got sent here to Nixa and also with me as his companion. Elder Marriott continued saying  "I am so glad you are my companion. I have served 21 months of my Mission and because of you I finally understand how to be a great Missionary." Nothing has ever meant so much to me.  I feel that My Mission President is one of the most inspired men I have ever met. Elder Marriott can't even begin to know how much he has blessed me and my mission. 

I am going to tell a couple funnies from this week. We received a gift from a member...Thors Hammer.  He made it out of wood.... Naturally we spent half the week thinking of things that we could smash with Thors Hammer. Our first thought was apples, second a broken calculator, third and finally a Milk jug full of water... Yes I will include pictures of this event that happened this morning. It was tons of fun. Also, we Rapped for a family in our ward.   I hope one of the family members will send the video of our rap.  It is pretty impressive.  This is what I rapped. 

Elder Caldwell can you please convey a little something bout this heavenly gang

Sure I'll let it out like a drain 
Mr. Attwooll protect the fam from this crazy man whos not part of the plan
Gettin' referals from Shalla give us a halla...
I can't even think to flow with da girl Dannah Attwooll
Never rapped before gunna hit the flo of da basketball court
Marens not so short... 
Ya I take the time for this silly rhyme 
Its so sublime like peanut butter 
Here comes another 
I roll the dice been here once or twice 
Halyn tha gal in the isles 
She's all smiles 
Gunna bring right back da train 
Rap bout guy with such a brain 
Time to go and get away 
Find out if I go or stay 

Well I got to get going, I know its a bit long but that's it. 
         Elder Caldwell

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