Tuesday, January 7, 2014

07 January 2014 Fried Turkey for New Years....YUM!!

Hola Mi Amigos 

It has been an amazing week.  We got Fried turkey on January 1st.  Sorry, but there is no way I will ever not fry a turkey!  I thought I did not like turkey, but fry it and dang.  Especially in peanut oil, great flavor and juiciness!!  The Botshons had us over for Texan fried turkey and I am in love!  This family is way cool and they also have my two dream vehicles in their garage: a Plymouth Duster and a Honda Shadow.  He also has a CJ-5 Jeep..LOVE IT!! Haha. It’s so fun!

 I have had many interesting opportunities here.  They actually canceled church because of the snow and ice.  So me and my companion went all crazy and decided we were going to make that day just another day for the Lord.  We are not able to ride our bikes or drive in such conditions, so we went walking around for miles with snow shovels, shoveling driveways. One guy said he did not want help but we could do the neighbors.   When he saw how fast we busted it out and got it done,  he tried to pay us 40 dollars.  We refused saying that we are Elders from the Church of Jesus Christ and that's just what we do is help our fellow man.  He then said we could drop in anytime we wanted as long as it was warmer.

 We body slammed some 4 foot snow drifts.  It was awesome!!  I can't believe that there was ever a time where I did not want to do this!  I have had so much fun and I doubt it will end anytime soon.  It has been so great to be out here bearing my testimony to others, but also to myself. 

To tell you a little about my companion Elder Hughes, he is an avid runner and he is a little over the top.  Ha ha..  No, he is cool.  He is from Nampa Idaho.  He has a pretty dry sense of humor and I am his first trainee.  He is about a year out and works hard every day.  He is very active, which is good.  I’m in the best shape of my life, both physically and spiritually.  

 I actually went on exchanges in Branson, MO this week with my zone leader Elder Sudsberry.  Our homes are actually about 10 minutes apart, we went to the same High School, and were in the MTC together.  I had a real good time on exchanges catching up with Elder Sudsberry.  He is a good Elder.

I have had many cool experiences.   I saw Elder Page and Elder Holyoak at Zone Conference.  I got talking to them a little.  One of the Elders in my district, sort of got trained by Elder Holyoak.  It’s a crazy small world.  We did a lot of crazy fun things at zone conference .  We watched Pixar shorts, played some Minute to Win It games.(Yes, I won the oreo cookie challenge!).  We played dodge ball…left handed..that was tough!  Then my mission president and some of his sons played some music. My Mission President has some real skill with music.  The played like The Devil Went Down to Georgia, but saying the OTM (Oklahoma Tulsa Mission) scared him down to Georgia…ha ha ha ..Good Times!  Then they talked and fed us pizza.  It was pretty awesome!  I can't even imagine how much work that must have been to put all that together.  It was way cool and I love the family I have been adopted into for the next two years.  I would suggest the mission life to everyone!  It is truly AMAZING!

 I love you all and hope you have a great week I hope to have pictures for ya'll next week till next time...


Elder Z Caldwell

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