Wednesday, January 22, 2014

21 January 2014 New Lessons Learned

So this week has been interesting, probably not as interesting as last week.  

I learned that no one hopes for the church to not be true. They only fear that it is true because that makes them have to change. Fear is to hold you back God would never hold you back. Our Heavenly Father only wants to uplift us with hope and love. I don't have a lot to write about except the fact that I learned some great lessons this week. 

1. How to break into our apartment in about 5 seconds
2. My companion Elder Hughes is really light 
3. OTM= Open Thy Mouth or Oklahoma Tulsa Mission or Obesity Through Members  ha ha All 3 being true.

I will start by talking about us breaking into our apartment. First off, we live on the second floor right above a field. Second, we have a balcony with a sliding glass door that does not lock. It all started with us locking our keys in our apartment and we had our ward mission leader waiting for us to go to an appointment. We quickly devised a plan to get into the apartment from the balcony. I boosted my companion way up over my head (mind you the 2nd floor starts at about 12 feet from the ground) so it was quite the boost. He then proceeded to climb up over the railing grab the keys and met me back at the top of the stairs.  All this happened in about 5 seconds. We were then telling our Ward Mission Leader, Brother Stephens about the experience and he said somethin' real funny "Wow Elders you got more guts then a slaughter house."   We had to do this twice in one week... My companion really needs to stop lockin' us out! haha 

OTM is the ackronym for my mission.  I heard a rumor that the name of my mission will probably change in about 18 months, as we change mission presidents. They came to the realization that Tulsa is in the outskirts of the largest mission in the United States. It would just make more sense if the hub was somewhat more central. This means that I may get a real rare opportunity to serve in two different missions. I Love that there is a saying that goes with the initials of my mission OTM... Open Thy Mouth.  Is that not what we all need to do?  Missionary and Member alike to build the Kingdom of God? I feel like we are in need of this as the church grows we have experiences.  They open new missions, they build new temples, they build churches. Brothers and Sisters, if we are Gods offspring then don't we need to treat everyone as such... BROTHERS and SISTERS?!?

One of our investigators is having a really tough time. He is an illegal immigrant and he is trying to become legal. In the process he may get deported. Where he comes from, the church has not yet reached.  There is no LDS church in the place in which he came from. This is really hard to watch because he knows it is true and if he gets deported he wont be able to fully honor his baptismal covenant. The reason I tell you this is not to discourage but to  excite. For the Hastening is alive. I know that in the days to come at some point, if we all strive forward with faith, we will be able to press forward and open up missions in all the places where missions are not. If only we would OTM or rather Open our Mouths.

I love you all!

Elder Caldwell

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