Monday, January 13, 2014

13 January 2014 Snow, Wind, and Drifts in Missouri

This week I had some interesting experiences.   We found 2 new people to teach and one of them was tracting, pretty cool, heh?

We were talking to this man who was driving us to zone training.  As we were talking to him, he started giving us dating advice.  Pretty funny when an 80 year old tells you that the only ways to break up with a girl consists of "Ummm..I got to go."  The second is "it’s been fun these last couple dates but, well, you're just not my soul mate." He is the funniest nicest man. He got lost in thought at some point.  He was saying "that tree makes me feel..."  He said you can say how things make you feel. He (also in this session) said that "we would all do great, except my companion.  Not because you ain’t cute, but because you're stupid."  He said that in response to my companion saying, "That sunset tickles my fancy." Either Brother Brooks is super funny or you just had to be there.

We have this Non-Active that we have been teaching when we can find him working on a car.  He won’t answer the door if we come up, but he is always good for a good chat.  I think we opened his eyes, but before I get into that I must talk about last night and the funny experience we had.

We started talking to him, asked him how he was doing and he said he was doing alright, but that he had been in the E.R. earlier that day. He had caught his shirt on the hood latch of his car. While he was in the middle of pulling a part out of the engine compartment, he yanked back real hard and realized that it was not just his shirt, but his nipple ring was caught on the hood latch ripped it right off. As he was talking about this, he pulls out a Ziploc baggie and shows us his nipple still attached to the ring.  I guess people here in Missouri are more open than those back at home.

I really like this guy, he reminds me of all my old friends at home.  He is hilarious. When we were done talking about the E.R., we started teaching the plan of salvation.   I saw his eyes fill with hope and love.   I never knew how much you can tell from a person’s eyes.  His eyes acted as a gateway to opening my eyes. He was so ready for that lesson.  God had prepared him and put him in our path.

I know we can return to our Heavenly Father.  I know that I am here to help and I am excited to see that look in other people’s eyes! Love you, til next time, bye.

Love Elder Caldwell

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