Monday, June 22, 2015

22 June 2015 "Another Crazy Week"


I have so many crazy things going on this transfer.  I found that time goes way too fast.   Elder S (who I served with in Ash Flat, AR) Is one of my Zone Leaders.  It's super cool!  

The day before I came to Jenks, OK, I got a call from President Shumway telling me that I will be in a Trio and that I will be covering 2 areas again.   When I got here there was only Elder Shore.   No Tripanionship...and we shot gunned into Jenks. So many last minute changes.
I am so happy!  We are in such a nice place.  It's super cool and I know a whole lot of people who have served here.   I am still a district leader.   I need to email President and I have run out of time, so I got to go 

Elder Caldwell


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