Monday, June 8, 2015

8 June 2015 "I Love Service Projects"

 This week I hit my 18 month mark.  Weird to think that if I were a Sister Missionary I would be going home right now.  I am so glad I am not serving a Sister Missionary Term. Missions go way too fast and buck ya off at the end!!!
    Last Preparation day we played knee hockey in our apartment.  My knees still have carpet burns and scabs on them.  It was well worth it, though. We had so much fun!! 

    We have done a lot of service this week.  We lifted a wooden swing set over a fence onto a trailer and then took it off at Scott's new house.  We helped Scott move.  He is a non-member and threatened to shoot us until we got an "in" by helping him move.  Now we have us a Porter Rockwell.  He defends us all the time.  It's great.
     We also helped a less-active man named Bob build a garage linking steel beams together and grinding through them.  It was a lot of fun.  I love service projects.  Today I get to replace a bearing on a Member's Truck.  It's a '78 F-150.  Beautiful truck and I get the opportunity to work on it.   I love preparation days :) 
     Elder Caldwell

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