Tuesday, June 16, 2015

16 June 2015 "What a crazy week"

     I am going to Jenks, Oklahoma this next transfer on Thursday!  We went Caving in Willard for a combined zone outing.  It was super sweet!  We got super muddy!  It had rained for the last two days before we went. When I got there I was greeted by a friendly face that I had not seen in awhile.  Her name is G.  It took me a long time to spit out the reason I remembered her!  Her mom passed away while I was in Nixa and I didn't want to bring up that's how I remember her.  She told me that Elder Marriott and I were her favorite Missionaries.  It sure was good to see some good that I have done.
      As we were going through this cave there is one part where you are waist deep in water.  Then you hop up out and you have to army crawl to get through the crevasse into the next cavern.  It was such an incredible experience.  Especially because your light does you no good when you are army crawling with it, so I just turned mine off and put it in my pocket. We sang the Spirit of God, The power of a hymn in complete darkness is amazing.
      I feel like there is a lot more to Missionary work than the Mortal mind could even comprehend.  I love being able to help people even if I don't realize that I have done anything.  The people around me remember me, sometimes better than I remember them. You never know who is watching so we must live our best at all times and become the best that we can be. 

     A Member's non-Member girlfriend made me brownies as a going away present.  I hope we all can make a positive difference in the lives of many. I am going to miss this Area.  I do know that God has a plan for me and that I am needed in Jenks. Well thats about it, I will send ya'll some pictures! Also, I have to say Marshfield is on fire....3-4 new investigators every week!

                                      Elder Caldwell

Oklahoma Tulsa Mission to Arkansas Bentonville Mission!

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