Tuesday, November 11, 2014

10 Nov 2014 "Crazy week again"

I am not quite sure what happened this last week. It seemed like we had a lot of meetings, but we only had a zone training and interviews with President Shumway and other than that it's beem a pretty normal week. 

We did a lot of service.  We split about 5-6 ricks (a rick is about 1/3 of a cord) of wood for Brother Child. Then the next day we pulled T posts (steel fence posts) by hand and pulled pig panel out of the ground. We will just say I was beat after tha.  Then the next day, we went out and taught quite a bit.

  I am so amazed at how much this little branch helps us fulfill our callings and also how we are able to step in and teach.  We taught 2 different lessons on a Sunday because people called in sick and/or can't teach their classes. We taught the youth and also priesthood.  Church starts at 10 am and goes til 1 pm.  We got there at 9 am and did not get out til 330 pm.  Pretty awesome.  The lessons we taught and the contacts we made with different recent converts and other things was just incredible.

Sorry no pictures today I just picture bombed you last week.

            Talk at ya'll Later
                           Elder Caldwell

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