Monday, October 27, 2014

27 October 2014 "Well, who knows what to say..."

Hola Amigos,

This week my companion, Elder Howard, hit his year mark and I changed another tire this morning.  We contacted lots of less actives and had a grand old time in a place in Missouri. 

As a zone, we went to Grand Gulf and I need to go back there when I can swim, I decided.  The water got up to my knees pretty quick as I was trying to get to the gulf.  Can you say spelunking?  In Missouri it's kinda like taking a mud bath.  It surprisingly feels pretty good.  Half mud, half water, and a few Elders.  Some Elders cared about there service clothes a little too much. 

NOTE: Anyone thinking about going on a Mission....Please don't be afraid to get dirty!  If you will limit who you can help.  That's what I have found on this Mission.   Service is always more than you bargain for and it is always more fun then one would think.   I have wrangled goats and pigs in a white shirt and people are so appreciative. :)   

Just Loving every day I have to do this and to help those around me.

         Love Ya'll
             Elder Caldwell

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