Wednesday, August 20, 2014

18 August 2014 "...can't think what to write."

 Hello ya'll!

   This will be short.  Not because I dont love ya'll, but just because I can't think what to write.  We tracted a street in the middle of the "middle of nowhere" and rode our bikes 20 miles that day,  Not too abnormal, but it changes things when its to contact one single person. 

   I am excited to see what happens on Saturday.  Whether I am staying in Aurora or whether I go somewhere else.  I don't necesarily care either way but it would be kinda nice to see something new and different. 

   We are getting a set of Spanish Elders in Aurora. That is pretty exciting and all. The work is going well.  We had quite a few progressing investigators this last week.  Hope this finds you well.  Wish I had more to say.

   Oh family sent me a box with awesome socks and a sweet tie.  I also bought a necklace from a Hawaiian man.  He made it from Elk bones and a Coconut shell, its perty sweet if ya ask me. 
   Love all ya'll I will have pictures next week if the computers work at the Stake Center.
                              Elder Caldwell

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