Monday, February 24, 2014

24 February 2014 "Ask and ye shall receive..."

Hello ya'll!

Ever have one of those weeks where you work really hard and accomplish nothing?  Well,. this was one of those weeks. I feel like the effort does not reflect in the results. However; can I say this week was a waste?  NOOOO!!! I know that this week has brought me many great lessons.  I have been able to observe parenting styles and understand that the most effective parenting styles.Seems that those parents who love there kids have a better outcome then those parents who love to make a point. I don't know what its like to parent, but I know guilt trips don't ever work as well as a lesson of hope and love. 

I feel like this will be a weird blog for people to read, but honestly Missionary Work is not easy.  It can be discouraging. I do know that if we push forward, we can have everything that our Heavenly Father has in store for us. I am so glad that I have the parents I have.  They taught me how to smile through tough times. They taught me to be strong to push forward.  I am nothing without the things my parents taught. I don't feel down too much because I know that it just means I need to try harder and that God has something to teach me. I can do great things my Patriarchal Blessing says so. :) 

 I was able to meet two Schizophrenic guys this last week. I realize just how easy my life is after working with them. One of them is in a care facility that he was dropped off at 7 years ago when his parents moved back to Utah. He takes it in such stride. He knows what is going on and is able to stay calm. The other one has never gone to a facility and probably needs to.  He talks about being in Afghanistan for 5 years, he says he is 21, and got baptized in our church at age 6.  It does not add up and he seams really angry. 

I learned that we need to help ourselves become stronger.  No one can strengthen a testimony of someone who does not search for it. "Ask and ye shall receive knock and it shall be opened unto you."  To "knock" we have to search.  To find we need to be able to search it out for ourselves.  We can only help strengthen others if we ourselves are strong. Seek first to obtain my word, then seek to teach. There is no other way. We need to help ourselves in order for our Heavenly Father to help us. 

Tying that back into parenting, we need to think about those we are over.Are we assisting? or enabling?  Are we helping someone who does not want the help? or are we helping those who have a true desire? This is something I am working on and trying to figure out the balance. I believe if we can find that balance, we can be fantastic in any aspect of life.

Seminary is great!  We taught the story of Samuel the Lamanite.  We had each person in the class shoot at a pen cap aka Samuel.  This was truly entertaining! 

On a really good note, we might have a baptism next week.  We have been teaching a lady who has leukemia.  She is unable to make it to church. This is where we really have to work to represent Christ. We need to look on her heart and her intentions, not on the outward appearance of her not coming to church. The name on my tag (No, I am not meaning my own name, but I mean the name I took on at baptism) means so much more to me now than ever. I love the Lord.  He has helped me to grow and to become who I am now.

Elder Caldwell

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