Monday, November 30, 2015

30 Nov 2015 "Wow! it does not slow down. It does not give up. It just keeps going and I'm never giving up."

 Hey ya'll 

        This week has been pretty crazy.  My emotions going wack as I prepare myself for the life ahead. I don't know how I made 2 years disappear but it must have been an amazing magic act. I know life kicks and bucks just like a rodeo bull. I know it is not easy but we better get the best out of our 8 second ride. This life is thrilling.  It does not stop. 

         I have one pair of pants worth saving and I will be wearing it home. I split my pants last night in the most amazing way. We had traveled 3 miles down a dirt road on our way back to town. We came to a Low water crossing that had washed out a trench around the concrete. we had to build a ramp for the truck to go up so we could get home. As I bent down to grab the first rock my pants ripped from the zipper to the belt loop - all I had left to do was laugh and enjoy the experience. I went my whole mission without splitting pants until the last week. 

        On your Mission you will experience the greatest trenches the biggest pit-falls. You will also see the most Miracles.  If you are willing to put knowledge to work, you will find yourself able to get across the ditches, the chasms, and the cliffs. The Lord provides a way when we just smile and keep working great things happen. 

      The Lord is aware of all your struggles and I know that he is pulling for you.  Don't ever give up in life, whether it is a Mission, The Military, School, or in your profession. I won't give up..will you?  It is now time for me to continue in the things that I have learned here in the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission and the Arkansas Bentonville Mission. I will come back a Man when I left a boy. I have learned so much and I am so very grateful for all ya'll who have been praying for me and supporting me on this journey of life. 

                        Elder Caldwell 

Sorry there is more..
 My companion wound up in the Hospital on Thanksgiving due to a wonderful plant called Poison Oak. I, in the meantime, was in Houston on exchange with Elder Hedges,  We ate dinner on paper plates in the Houston apartment. It was kinda nice to have it small. Elder Hedges taught me a lot. I love that man and a lot of you will see his amazing artwork.   He is one silly Elder. This Zone is my Favorite, it is a good one to be my last.  I will miss all the zone members for sure. 

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