Friday, November 20, 2015

16 Nov 2015 "hey y'all"

    It has been such a fast week. I believe that Missions are like funnels, the closer you get to the bottom- the faster it goes. I have been so privileged to be here at this time.   Teaching the people I have been able towns having  a companion who understands it. I am down to 18 days which means I only have 2 more emails to send home. I am amazed at how 2 years has just been a drop in the bucket. I am so happy.  II don't want to leave here but I do know that "there is a time and a place for everything under the heavens!" Ecc 3:1. Now my time is come.  The change is happening.  I will fight to the end and we will go from there. I know that I was called to serve 24 months and I plan on serving the last one with as much fire as the first one. 
       I am here to help people in their journey just as others have helped me in my Journey. I am here because of a handfull of people. Hopefully I can be in multiple peoples hands  through out my life. I want to be one to inspire uplift and bring closer to Christ always. I am no perfect man nor am I close but I will work to become perfect every day. I hope ya'll know how much I love and respect you. 

                        Elder Caldwell


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