Wednesday, September 23, 2015

21Sep2015 "Wow! What a week"

      Why do weeks have to go so fast? I am ending the first week of the transfer and starting the 2nd week. That means soon the next 8 weeks will be gone, and I will be sad at home. Missing the Mission Field. I am scared, sad, and excited. I know that the Lord loves me and has a plan for me, even after My Mission. 

            I hope that I can continue this work throughout my whole life. Today, I discovered that some of my pants are a little see-through.  Good thing that you still cant see my garments through them, haha. Joys of finishing strong and doing 50 Miles on a bike down dirt roads!  I want everyone to experience these funny truths hahaha. 

           I have a great companion from Burlington, Wyoming. He really is just one cool, relaxed, country boy. I love it.  He is ready to work and loves to work. I got the best greenie in the world...he cracks me up! We are pretty much alike.  Same kind of humor mostly and we both love to work. 

        We went to 4 different places trying to get cash back just so we could wash Laundry today. Well noone would give my companion cash back and not much mattered.  We figured it out and now we have laundry hanging up in our apartment to dry!  In the process, though, some real nice lady bought us an electrical cord because my companions card was not working and I did not have enough to cover. What amazing people there are here in this town!

                                                Elder Caldwell

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