Tuesday, September 8, 2015

07 Sept 2015 "Hey Y'all"

  Another crazy week!! We got transfer calls on Saturday and Elder O is going to serve in Oklahoma with Elder J! Elder S is a Zone Leader.   I feel like they are taking the young ones in the mission age and making them Zone Leaders this Transfer.   I think it is an incredible idea!   Wow the Lord is Smart!

    Everyone in My Zone here in West Plains are trainers except one companionship!  It is super cool.  Today our laundry was interestin'!! It did not dry very well, so we have it hanging all over our apartment.  We used some Para-chord.   I will send pics of it next week!

      Crazy, Odd, Terrific news!!! I am getting a 3rd trainee which means that I very possibly will end My Mission in Ava, Missouri...pretty crazy eh!! I am also still District Leader so I get the opportunity to do both! Seems like a great way to finish my Mission.  

                                Love ya'll,
                                      It is time to rock the world,
                                                                  Elder Caldwell  

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