Tuesday, August 18, 2015

17 Aug 2015 "This week has been great"

 One day, in a land far far away the missionaries rode 10 miles into town to save a few miles and rode and walked seven more while in town and then rode 10 miles back.  It was a pleasant journey and I kinda wanna do it again. It's a really pretty bike ride. 

       While these two Missionaries were walking around in-town, we discovered a rookie mistake that is quite hilarious.  The picture will be attached of a bucket that has been concreted into the sidewalk. That has to be expensive to fix properly. 

        Weird fact of the day in Ava, Missouri...I think it's against some kinda rule to walk anywhere. People are strange and some members seem to get a little huffy when we don't accept a ride from them (learned, as I do most things... the hard way). I don't quite understand this weird alternate universe, but I am not here to offend anyone. 

       I truly enjoy the people in this area especially the family that we ate with last night!! They built a house out of mud that looks better than stucco in my opinion and its bulletproof (yes that has been tested and is a fact). It only cost them $1,800.00 and the walls are 18" thick, meaning the heating and cooling cost near nothing. It is fully wired and hooked up to solar panels, which really makes the heating and cooling cost nothing. Mortgage free and livin' the dream. 

       True, this place is a little backwards, but maybe its not and the rest of the world is backwards. Well who knows these days!! All I know is it has opened my eyes to new things that I might implement in my life. 

         As for teaching...we got a new potential investigator but the only way we will be able to get in contact with him is if he is walking down the road towards the town of Ava! He has no cell phone and would not give us an address but we will keep working and praying to get in contact with him and many others!!

                             Elder Caldwell

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