Tuesday, May 19, 2015

18 May 2015 "Sorry super short and lame..."

 This week has been fast and incredible. I am starting to understand what it takes to be a District Leader. I love it all and life moves faster and faster.  Hopefully I will catch up someday but the Lord has the fast way and it is amazing to see his hand in it all.
       I am so happy I have the knowledge that I am a son of God and he loves me individually. I am seeing lots of turtles and possums and odd things every day. I wish I could just send pictures. I promise Pictures next week but this week has been one crazy preparation day haircuts and going to Wilsons Creek.  It made me happy, sad, and a little agitated but thats ok.  It's only because I know enough about the civil war for little things to bother me.
      Love ya'll talk at ya next week 

              Elder Caldwell

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