Monday, July 21, 2014

21 July 2014 "I love the kind and wonderful people in this world..."

 Hello fellow earthlings!
      This week was fantastic!  The beginning of the week was all just getting Elder McReynolds out and packed. He is going to be a Zone Leader.  I love Transfer weeks!  They are so much fun, haha, even the anticipation is funny.  I have Elder Holyoak as my companion now.  He is an amazing red headed Elder.  I am so blessed to be with someone with so many of the same interests as me.
      We did a lot of tracting and street-contacting or "OTMing" as we call it here. I have seen some pretty crazy things, like we saw a car that was covered in 70,000 pennies!  A full 400 LBs of pennies on this car. We talked to the owner and were able to take pictures of it. 

 After this man drove off though we were able to talk to the people at the farmers market.  We cleared up some misconseptions of the Mormon church. I loved being able to talk to them and they were happy to talk with us.  They even gave us free veggies for the service we provided.  I think we ought to stop by there again.  They also taught us a little about the Amish. (There are A LOT of Amish in this area.) 
We were riding our bikes to an appointment when some random man stopped his car and rolled down his window.   When he did, he handed us $20 and told us that he had promised previously that he would give some money to us the next time he saw us riding bikes,for lunch.  SCORE!! 
I love this place!  I have been here for 3 months and by the end of this transfer it will be 4.5. I hope I have the opportunity to make this a 6 month area for me.

I love the kind and wonderful people in this world, who are just here to help us out all the time, it is truely amazing.
                        Love Elder Caldwell

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